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Fortune Academy wants to help you succeed. If you dream of becoming a real estate agent, schools all over South Carolina host our courses so you’re sure to be able to find a live course that is close to home. Don’t have time to attend a real estate school of South Carolina? Enroll in one of our online classes and complete the course from the comfort of your own home with a schedule set by you.

Real estate school online is a great option for people who have obtained a license, or wish to obtain one, but don’t have time during normal school hours to attend continuing education courses. Although you can take as long as one year to finish one of our online courses, we recommend that you take no longer than a week if you want to receive the highest benefit.

Fortune Academy: real estate school of South Carolina

From Beaufort to Rock Hill you can find a venue that hosts Fortune Academy courses. To help you be a great real estate agent, schools such as Fortune Academy host continuing education programs to ensure that you acquire new knowledge, skills and become aware of any new topics or trends in the field. If you are interested in real estate licenses we can help with take pre-licensing or post licensing classes, Fortune Academy has a training course for you.

Fortune Academy is a premier real estate school of South Carolina, which is why we also offer home inspection, appraisal, insurance, legal education and mortgage lending courses. Let us help you achieve your wildest dreams! We truly wish personal growth and financial success for all of our students, so sign up for one of our courses today! If you need more information, or aren’t sure which course would best suit your needs, then please call 877-220-6022.