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An appraiser's report is required by law when a mortgage involves purchasing, refinancing, or selling a house or other property.
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Benefits of Being a Home Appraiser

Residential appraisal occupations have numerous advantages. Many appraisers can establish their own businesses and work from home. Appraisers divide their time between the field and the office, so you can always expect a break from the computer. Unlike other real estate positions, appraisers are paid on a fee basis.

Schedule Flexibility

A job as a home appraiser means you have the freedom to choose where and when you want to work - whether it's full-time, part-time or freelance. Flexibility is essential for work-life balance, and this career allows you to be your own boss.

Low Initial Investment

Being an appraiser is a worthwhile and financially rewarding occupation. Starting in this field will not break the bank, and the small initial investment will pay off soon.

Various Possibilities

You can work for a bank, an assessment office, or start your own business as an appraiser if you're passionate about the profession.

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Appraiser Licensing

The process for becoming a licensed real estate appraiser varies from state to state, depending on the education and training requirements of your state. Discover more about how to become a licensed appraiser in your state below.

Alabama Real Estate

Appraisers Board

(334) 232-8787

Alabama Real Estate

Appraisers Board

(334) 232-8787