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South Carolina Real Estate Schools

South Carolina real estate schools Are you looking for a real estate school or maybe to take online real estate courses? If so, don’t be hoodwinked by unaccredited proprietary South Carolina real estate schools. Fortune Academy is the only South Carolina Proprietary real estate school accredited by the council on certification and accreditation, so enroll with us today.

We offer both live classes in 14 areas of South Carolina and if you can’t find a live class to attend, we also offer online real estate continuing education courses. When armed with the right knowledge base and skill set, an agent can achieve great financial success. In fact, the top performers can make as much as millions a year, and with all of the beautiful beach front property in South Carolina you could stand to make large commission on beautiful properties if you know how.

Sharpen your skills: real estate continuing education courses

In any field, if you don’t stay up-to-date on the latest trends, then you fall behind your competition. For this reason, real estate agents should enroll in real estate continuing education courses. Also, if you’ve received your license in the past year the state mandates you to complete 30 hours of commission-approved post-licensing education in order to work in South Carolina. Real estate schools such as Fortune Academy can help you meet this mandate.

Our continuing education courses cover topics such as contracts, fair housing, anti-trust, agency and property disclosure and more! Other online real estate courses include home inspection, appraisal, legal education, etc. For more information on individual courses, please visit our Real Estate Continuing Education portion of our website or call 877-220-6022 during normal business hours.